Introducing the Sorbet Skincare Collection

Introducing the Sorbet Skincare Collection

You do Life. We do skin. Take home that salon feeling. Introducing the Sorbet Skincare Collection.

Fresh off the shores of South Africa,The all-new Sorbet Skincare Collection is the woman-on-the-glow’s answer to everyday inspired skin. Whether it’s optimum hydration, specialist care or anti-aging solutions you require, the Sorbet Skincare Collection delivers scientifically proven results to suit the unique demands of your skin, and your lifestyle

From our salons to your home, the Sorbet Skincare Collection is your comprehensive solution to all day, all night Sorbet gorgeous skin.

The Collection is comprised of three ranges, developed specifically to meet the unique demands of your skin.

Sorbet Salon Skin  – a complete specialist care solution range developed specifically for concerned skin; this range combines essential ingredients to best soothe and restore the specific needs of your skin.

Sorbet Hydro Skin – a complete hydration range that targets tired and dehydrated skin; developed for skin that requires more nourishment on a daily basis.

Sorbet Age Affect – a gentle yet effective anti-aging range that combines the magic of science and nature to produce a product line specifically targeting maturing skin, with proven results.

The Sorbet Skincare Collection is a welcome addition to the beauty industry with its affordable price point, variety of range and intrinsic scientific development that meets global dermatologically approved standards.  For a comprehensive viewing of all three ranges, log onto

“We are super excited about our new collection, knowing how much love and expertise has gone into developing a professional skincare range that brings our Sorbet Salon feeling home,” says Courtney Fuhr- brand manager of the Sorbet Group.

If you’re into sampling some of the L.O.V.E, why not hurry your face to your nearest Sorbet store for a professional skin consultation, so you’ll know exactly what your skin really needs.

The Sorbet Skincare Collection is dermatologically approved. Take home that Salon Feeling.