Get your Venus Freeze ™ on this summer

Get your Venus Freeze ™ on this summer

Summer is coming up and we know that you would rather be anywhere else than at gym with all the yoga mums, discussing this week’s top ‘Kale recipe.’ Don’t you fret; we’ve got the solution to your ‘almost-there’ summer bod.

We call it the Venus Freeze ™, but we’re pretty sure you’ll call it your new best friend. It’s a treatment that combines Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to produce concentrated heat beneath the skin’s surface.

It’s being hailed as Botox without the needle (and the stigma) that promises fine lines will be diminished and cellulite reduced through a highly scientific process that breaks down the volume of fat cells. How does it work? Basically you walk in with a few lumps and lines you’re keen to get rid of and you walk out feeling fit, fab and really chuffed!

Though not an overnight sensation, you’ll spot a difference from session one. However experts recommend a series of 6-8 Venus Freeze ™ sessions, that each last 20-30 minutes, for a long lasting result. Bit of a wait, but non-invasive anti-ageing treatment therapy for your face, bum and tum using nothing but light? Yes please.

You probably don’t need reminding, but with summer comes the annual “if you’ve got it-flaunt it” mantra. So why stay undercover this year when you can get it (super-flat tummy, silky-smooth skin – whatever “it” is) and flaunt it at will. Since the sun insists on playing a game of peek-a-boo with us all year round, it makes sense to make the most of our limited sunny days and start up our Venus Freeze ™ course today.

To put the cherry on top of this frozen delight, your friendly – and proudly certified Venus Freeze™ provider, Sorbet, is now offering Venus Freeze™ Treatment Therapy at less 20% if you book six treatments or more. Regular pricing for Venus Freeze ™ranges from 40-90 pounds per treatment. At 20% less there really is no reason to wait.

What’s more is, they’re hosting a series of events (see dates below) that includes a free demonstration, goodie bags and the aforementioned 20% off all courses. Plus, you can spread the love with a gift card and bring the Venus Freeze™ gospel to friends and family. Preach it, it’s worth it.

For more information and to take advantage of Sorbet Salon’s 20% OFF Venus Freeze™, visit a Sorbet or see website for details

12 April – Crouch end
9 May – Mill Hill
31 May – Muswell Hill
7 June – Crouch End
21 June – East Finchley
27 June – Temple Fortune