Sorbet MAN Face Moisturiser – 50ml

Sorbet-man-moisturiser SPF

Sorbet MAN Face Moisturiser – 50ml


The ultimate DIY improvement tool – for your face. Formulated with cell replenishing ingredients, Sorbet Man Face Moisturiser softens and hydrates skin while reducing the appearance of age lines. Complete with the added ammo of SPF 15, it’s also for the wise guy who knows his limits when it comes to harmful sun damage, and preventing early signs of aging.

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Product Description

Feed your Face

The ultimate DIY improvement tool, but for your face.

What do you get?

For the guy that knows his limits against harmful sun damage, Sorbet Man’s Face Moisturiser is complete with SPF 15, for added ammo against early signs of aging and harmful sun rays.

How does it work?

Formulated with cell replenishing ingredients and SPF 15, Sorbet Man Face Moisturiser:

  • Guards against sun damage
  • Softens skin
  • Hydrates skin
  • Reduces the appearance of age lines


  • Armed like a Ninja
  • Smooth like a Midnight Cognac
  • Soft like a Superman Landing


Use daily. Apply and massage a small amount onto the neck and face to maintain healthy looking skin.