Get that feeling by Ian Fuhr


Get that feeling by Ian Fuhr


One man, one journey…. one remarkable story! An autobiographical story by the founder of South Africa’s leading beauty salon group: Sorbet. A debut account of Ian Fuhr’s entrepreneurial life before and after the inception of Sorbet that is courageous, fast and brutally honest.

This one is for the humble and the brave; the cautious and the reckless; the creative and the well-organised.


Product Description

Over 4000 copies sold!

This is the real story behind a people’s brand – born on a dream and built on a “feeling”. Ian’s fascinating story of serial entrepreneurship is not only about a modest man making it big; it offers valuable insights into a business triumph that has its roots in understanding cultural differences and niche markets.

When Ian started out as a businessman, nearly 40 years ago, the secret of his success was already cemented in two traits – humility and a desire to break the rules. A spirit of fearlessness, fun, honesty and respect has underscored his every venture, which spans the music industry, discount department stores, a labour and race relations consultancy, and eventually the country’s largest beauty chain.

He is also the co-owner of the Lion Park, a popular tourist destination in Johannesburg. In this book, he shares the principles that have guided him over the years and takes the reader through the arduous but fulfilling process of building a pioneering brand.

By emphasising customer service and putting people before profit, his vision holds valuable lessons for entrepreneurs who are keen to make a sustainable contribution to South Africa’s economy.


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