Your most loyal friend has had a make-over!

Your most loyal friend has had a make-over!

It’s new, improved and all yours! Get ready for more rewards more often, VIP tickets to events, great birthday vouchers and much more. Here’s the exciting bit – we have introduced four new tiers to the programme!

The programme is easy and cardless: We’ve made identification easier by using your mobile number as your loyalty number.

You can enjoy more frequent rewards. Now you get a loyalty reward with every 200 points you earn, letting you earn the reward much quicker than before! Plus, the closer to gold you get the sweeter the rewards.

Birthday gifts: Receive a 50% off voucher in your birthday month – birthday discounts get bigger as you progress through the tiers. Yeah baby! Feeling celebrated is what your special day is all about. And even better, they are now valid for three weeks!

You can also get exclusive invitations to VIP events and enjoy Society-only special offers and promotions. No need to thank us. After all, you’re family!

Watch this space for more info!