The low down on Multi Masking

The low down on Multi Masking


No matter what skin types we  have, we all need to do some general maintenance & masking has always been a popular Go-To treatment. But what’s one up on Masking –  Multi Masking. Don’t worry – it’s not as complex as it sounds and actually, it’s kind of fun! It involves the application of a number of face masks at the same time to target specific skin concerns, some Sorbies have been known to use up to 9 masks at a time!  Very impressive indeed! What we love the most about this trend is how you are tackling different concerns all at once. The best part –  you can use this amazing technique in the comfort of your own home and we have all the products you need at Sorbet Salons.

Here’s your selection that you can Mix & Match from:

  • Sorbet Salon Skin Vitamin Rescue Masque – £18: Energise & Restore. Restoring treatment with SEPILIFTª DPHP and Vitamins A, C & E.
  • Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque – £45 : Cooling clay masque helps clear and prevent breakouts. Use after cleansing to enhance skin clearing and control the main factors that contribute to breakouts. Oil- absorbing clays help detoxify skin as Salicylic Acid stimulates natural exfoliation to clear pore congestion. Soothe aggravation brought on my breakouts with cooling botanicals, and help purify, refine and eliminate excess oils for clearer skin. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colours.
  • Environ B- Active Sebumasque – £26: Moisturises the skin so that your complexion looks revitalised & radiant. Contains an excellent exfoliant that gently polishes your skin.
  • Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque – £41: Fast-acting, easy-to-remove masque rescues tired, lacklustre or dull skin. Activated Binchotan Charcoal powerfully adsorbs impurities while Sulphur promotes cell turnover for dramatically brighter skin.
  • Environ Hydrating Clay Masque – £29 : Assists in refining the skin’s texture while absorbing excess oils from the skin’s surface. Helps to improve the appearance of skin congestion. Contains vitamin E- an antioxidant that has rehydrating skin benefits
  • Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque – £ 37: A refreshing, moisturizing masque to remedy dry, stressed skin. Help stimulate skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor while lycopene-rich Tomato Seed lipids help restore skin’s protective barrier, enhancing moisture levels for healthier, smoother skin.
  • Environ Revival Masque – £53: Helps to improve uneven skin tone and promote natural skin hydration. Assists in stimulating growth factors which are important for the regeneration of skin tissue. May boost collagen, leading to a fresher, more youthful appearance.
  • Environ C-Quence Energising Masque – £54: The skin takes on a refreshing radiance & smoothness, which becomes more noticeable with each application. The appearance of uneven skin tone & sun damage is visibly improved. It is specially formulated to have a softening effect, giving you a smoother skin texture.
  • Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift – £54: Active, cooling cream-gel masque energizes skin to reduce visible signs of stress. High-performance formula minimizes the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, increases skin luminosity, lifts the eye area and helps restore skin barrier integrity.

…and remember, all of these masques are available from your nearest & dearest Sorbet Salon now!

Easy as 1 mask, 2 masks, 3 masks! Go forth & Mask Away Sorbies! Your skin will thank you for it!