Our Story About


See This Guy

That’s Ian,

He’s the man behind the Sorbet Brand (yes, we know what you’re thinking… you mean to tell me the person behind the brand looks more like Walter Matthau than Heidi Klum well… Surprise!) So, how did he do it? To cut a long nail short, his massage therapist convinced him that the SA market was in desperate need of a branded beauty chain, he looked at her and said ‘does this look like a face that belongs in the beauty industry?’ No but it looks like a face that could change it. And that was that. Challenge accepted, this is going to be fun! Cue bubbles.


Ian in 10 seconds:

Can always be heard saying: “You go into business to serve people, service first, reward second.” Favorite book: Steve Jobs Biography. Favourite hobby: wildlife adventures. Biggest fear: waxing his nostrils. Big dream: #WorldDomination


The word Sorbet conjures up feelings of being fresh, colourful, refreshing, bright and clean. It was a perfect name for the new Beauty-Babe-on-the-block.

Why Sorbet?


We have created a product that anyone else could have created: accessible treatments and products and convenient locations in the package of a Beautiful Brand. However, we knew we had to do something different so we put people first in our business practices.

  • We decided to use a Wealth Creation financial model that shows our staff as assets to the business – Sharing in Sorbet’s Wealth.
  • We use transparency to help us build Community amongst our Stores.
  • We make sure that each Sorbet Leader and Employee undergoes an induction training by CEO & Founder Ian Fuhr himself, to understand our culture.
  • We created a Training & Development programme that is unlike anything in the industry.
  • We created a Loyalty Programme, called Sorbet Society, that is the bedrock of our relationships with our Guests.
  • We guarantee our service. Service is our No.1 priority. If you are not totally happy with your treatment, you don’t have to pay. If you are not totally happy with your product, bring it back, no fuss!

Sorbet Group CEO, Ian Fuhr announced in June 2015 that South Africa’s best loved Beauty Franchise would take the brand to international soil with the opening of its first Sorbet Salon in Muswell Hill, London. To date there are currently 4 stores in London including Crouch End, East Finchley and Mill Hill.

Dermalogica & Environ are the flagship products used and sold in the salons with an endearing menu of manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, body waxes, massages and facials.

Established in 2005, Sorbet has served the South African market as a leading beauty salon franchise that delivers on quality service and heart. The chain now boasts over 170 stores mainly franchised outlets across South Africa. In recent years, the brand has taken on the role of pioneering community upliftment initiatives through education – a salon-first in South Africa. Coupled with this, was Sorbet’s first-to-market launch of its loyalty programme in 2006 that today sees 300,000 members enjoying rewards and benefits from their regular Sorbet visits.

Come see for yourself. Visit any of our Sorbet Salons for your fave treatments and products.