Happy Feet Should Be a Way of Life

Happy Feet Should Be a Way of Life

Dry, cracked & generally unhappy looking feet are not something that should be taken lightly by any Sorbie! Dry Skin is a very common occurrence that often occurs in this way:

Lifestyles à Venous Insufficiencies à Impaired Elimination of Metabolic waste à Poor Microcirculation à Impaired Sweat Production à Decreased Dermal Moisture à Micro Lesions.

Footlogix is a revolutionary and innovative foot-careline formulated to provide effective, transformational care for a variety of skin conditions affecting the Feet. Its key aim is to absorb quickly into the skin, to rejuvenate, repair, & moisturise tough & troubled skin on feet.

The Footlogix Professional Products range includes:

  • Foot Soak Concentrate: Effective as a mild cleanser and moisturising footbath.
  • Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub: Invigorates and exfoliates the skin on the feet and legs.
  • Massage Formula: Gentle, non-occlusive formula is ideal for concluding pedicure services. For the protection and care of skin prone to dryness.
  • Callus Softener: Quickly and effectively softens calluses and dry skin.
  • Professional Stainless-Steel File: Top of the line, sterilisable foot file and the ultimate pedicure tool to use along with the Footlogix Callus Softener.

Footlogix treatment is now available at all Sorbet Salons across London in the following treatments:

  • Footlogix Treatment – £20
  • Footlogix Treatment & Power Pedi – £35
  • Footlogix Treatment, Power Pedi & Gelish – £45


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