Freeze Time. Reverse Ageing

Freeze Time. Reverse Ageing

Go, on. Yeah go on. “Goddess from a mountain top…burning like a silver flame…” – we all wanted to be her, right. This lyrical figment of beauty and prowess that could lure any man (or woman) she wanted. She didn’t need a rhyme, and she didn’t need a reason – and she probably didn’t need a night nannie either. Nope. This fearless warrior of our Feminine Tribe knew sleep; and she knew fitness, and she knew long, lazy days by the fire; and she knew supple skin and inner glow. And no matter how many times we might have belted out her story with (our friends!) Banarama, our Venus never did grow old. Not in song, nor in skin. Bless.

Fast forward to the year 2017. You’re still singing Venus (we know) but your fire has somewhat left the building, yeah. What with a demanding job, a strolling pram, a life partner that potentially feels like a life sentence of supper and tea, and of course that one day in summer, when the sun shines –  oh but the overwhelming joy of it all, you know. Just too much. While we’re busy growing up, and doing life, our bodies and skin take a blasted beating. We get old before our time, and somewhere between the school run and a quick shave, the music dies.

But today, it’s alive and well. Thank the Queen that some very intelligent crowd who actually “understands” has developed the new Venus – Venus Freeze™. The ultimate, cosmetic-effective and cost-effective, anti-ageing treatment therapy for your face, bum, tum and just about any sag saga you might be having – “Yeah baby she’s got it.”

Through the beauty of science, and super advanced technology, the non-invasive Venus Freeze™ treatment combines Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to produce concentrated heat beneath the skin’s surface. As a result of this radio frequent thermal reaction, your skin effortlessly tightens with love and appreciation, fine lines are diminished, cellulite makes a run for it, wrinkles are rapidly reduced and the collagen that you lost pretty much around the time you said yes to the dress, and the baby and the job – that’s back!

Venus Freeze ™ is all about freezing time and reversing ageing, painlessly and with no downtime at all, giving you and your skin a second chance at feeling young and fabulous again. And who’s got it? We’ve got it. Just around the corner, your friendly, and proudly certified Venus Freeze™ provider, We are now offering Venus Freeze™ Treatment Therapy at less 20% – until 30 June 2017. Regular pricing for Venus Freeze ™ranges from 40-90 pounds per treatment. At 20% less, it’s a really good time to give it a glow. 20% off is also available on all Venus Freeze packages for the month of June.

Venus Freeze ™ sessions usually last around 20-30 minutes, depending on the area being treated, so you can fit in some me-time on the hop. For optimum results, it’s recommended to treat your skin to a series of 6-8 Venus Freeze ™ sessions. That’s one per week. Yes, more me-time. Divine.

Special Venus Freeze Events taking place at our Sorbet Stores for the month of June:

East Finchley – 7th June

Muswell Hill – 8th June

Mill Hill – 22nd June

Come and discover the most sought after treatment in the aesthetics beauty industry- hope to see you there

(Ts and Cs Apply- Our 20% off Venus Freeze treatments excludes any current specials and discount vouchers. Special is available at Sorbet Muswell Hill, Crouch End, Mill Hill and East Finchley. Promotion ends 30th June )