Boo! It’s Halloween.

Boo! It’s Halloween.

Spooky season is upon us – and it doesn’t include your mum-in-law. Pumpkins are up, cheap candy is being bought in bulk and you’ve acquired a tiny Elsa costume for your daughter. That’s right, it’s Halloween!

While the season of black cats and sticky spider webs is tons of fun, some of us might rather turn the lights off and pretend we weren’t home! So why not hurry the kids off for trick or treating, and take 20 minutes to treat yourself in the spirit of all things beautifully scary. Sit down Freddy Kruger, we’re talking the real deal facemask!

Dating back thousands of years, the skincare facemask is as old as the pyramids themselves. Society as a whole has often featured facemasks in basic beauty regimes. Flash forward to the 21st century and a regular facial is a definite must do! According to our Sorbet therapists a DIY facial is recommended every 3-4 weeks. And with trends such as the Carbonated bubble clay mask (or the fluffy cloud mask) and the Glam Glow mask, who wouldn’t want to give it a go.

Staying on theme, did you know that the Vampire facial was made popular by Kim Kardashian. The Vampire facial or Platelet Rich Plasma facial (PRP) includes drawing blood from your arm, spinning it in a centrifuge and re-injecting it into your face to promote collegian and circulation. Ah yes, got to love Kim.

For the less adventurous, slip your face into something a dash more extravagant like treating yourself to an UMO gold facial. This sparkling treatment includes a facemask made of 24-carat solid gold. The shining mask is said to promote anti-aging and inflammation. At £455 we’re hoping you get to melt the mask into a lovely gold chain.

Up the freaky ally, comes the Bee Venom face mask. The treatment is made from Shea butter, lavender oil, oh yes, and diluted bee venom, which does wonders for skin rejuvenation, scar healing and anti-aging. And take a guess who of our most loved is a closet bee venom freak: Kate Middleton. We love how her skin glows, always. Good on you Kate. However at over £100 a tub and £49 a facial, perhaps we might want to leave this one to the Royals.

For a far less expensive, simpler, more rejuvenating hide behind your bathroom door treatment, we can think of a far less taxing way to get your Boo on. Opt for Sorbet Salons variety of Dermalogica and Environ dermatologically approved, uplifting, rehydrating, energizing products to suit all skin types.  And if you can steal a well-deserved 60 minutes of me-time, pop into any one of our Sorbet Salons instead for a face treatment or Venus Freeze Aesthetic Treatment that targets fine lines and wrinkles. No tricks, only treats. We promise.

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