Blimey, is it Valentines Day?

Blimey, is it Valentines Day?

It happened. You promised it wouldn’t, but it did. You forgot about Valentine’s Day. Understandably forgivable when you consider the fact that you’re simultaneously juggling your career, the kids, housework, hubby and your mother-in-law, all at once. Before you hit a tizz, take a look through our top 4 tips to a Plan B Valentine’s Day, guaranteed to make it look like you had it all covered from the start.

  1. Home is where the tart is…

Let’s get realistic. The last thing you feel like doing is trying to charm some unruly maître d into giving you the last remaining table, in a popular-ish restaurant, most likely by the loo. As a late-goer it’s time to send the kids off to Nana and turn the living room into a Michelin Star spectacular, with a moreish serving of Guinness Pie. Or, toss the stars, keep the tart and just lay a table with some white cloth and candles. Perfect.

  1. Hurry, get me the lip balm!

Instead of trying to quick fix yourself with a DIY nail job from hell and scraping the last of your lippy from the tube (with your pinky!), there’s still enough time to treat yourself to a 15 min Jane Iredale mini-makeover at your nearest Sorbet Salon. As an added bonus, your makeover unlocks a 20% discount on all Jane Iredale products. Did somebody say glam to go? Book now, offer from 10-14 Feb.

  1. That sassy little number

We all have one. That dress! That one right at the back of the wardrobe; the one on the broken hanger behind the other thingymabobby. So what if you wore it once, 3 years ago, before you had Beth. Give it a go. Pull it out, dust it off and slip it on. If that doesn’t work, your birthday suit will. Add to the mix your Just Kissed lip plumper (Jane Iredale, again!) and you’re ready to roll.

4.       Better Letter than Never…

There’s no time to think about the perfect gift let alone get to the High Street to buy one. So here’s what to do: haul out a pen and paper from the kitchen drawer (we’re serious) and write your lover an old school love letter. Make it soppy or choppy, rhyme it or prose it – it’s your call. But make it count. Wrap it up in ribbon and hand it to him across the table. Or read it out aloud in his honour. The sentimentality will have him whipped. And you darling, may even shed a tear. Or if you’re not a poet and you know it, you can always give that special someone a Sorbet Giftcard and point out the Swedish massage on the menu.

There you have it, Valentine’s Day in the bag. You’ve got the cool, the calm and the collect down pat.  You bought yourself time, you saved a few pounds and you did it all without breaking a sweat. Oh, you’re the hostess with the mostess – and that’s what we call, a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Got to Love it!

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