Winter is almost over & so are your skin blues!

Winter is almost over & so are your skin blues!

Well the weather outside has been frightful – and it has been for a lot of our Winter. We were promised a mild winter, right! We were met with mizzy days for most of the week, and a chill in the air that just will not go away. If you find yourself feeling lower than usual, irritable at the best of times and instantly charred of joy when you peer at the tenacious grey skies above, you could be experiencing seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D). And you’re not alone.

Do not stress. Do not leave the country. Do not threaten your husband with no supper. There is a way to beat the SAD slump, thanks to some cheery advice from Sorbet.

  1. Make it a Girl Thing

While exercise is proven to raise serotonin levels, we’re thinking to boot with it. Less sweating and more soothing is the way to go. Sorbet is currently celebrating their second anniversary in the U.K, which means an ongoing 10% off on treatments, for all Sorbet loyalty members. Oooh, and bubbly…lots of bubbly. Why not grab a couple girlfriends, give the kids to hubby and take an hour or so out of the grey.

  1. Pull a Pocahontas

Between us girls, there is very little that can’t be solved with an excellent mani! So what if the snow is falling outside. Pull a Pocahontas and paint your nails with all the colours of the wind – like bold blacks, pretty pinks, wild greens or rocking reds. The collection of shades is endless at Sorbet. From Morgan Taylor to O.P.I, the fun never stops. According to colours have an effect on our psyche: Sassy, sunny colours will turn your SAD into glad, making you feel happier, more social and more approachable.

  1. Get your own Glowbal Warming

Book yourself a Sorbet Grande Facial. Forget the trains and the responsibilities, and just do it. Do it for your skin. Do it for your country. Do it for the greater good of all the SAD people in the world. Enjoy 75 minutes of pure, private bliss in the comfort of a Sorbet therapy room, as your skin gets the royal treatment. The treatment includes a 20-minute massage too. Can you say, “Sunshine”?

To keep the SAD at bay and the happy in your pocket, book some time out at any of our 5 Sorbet Salons around London HERE – and  #GetThatFeeling. For more information on all Sorbet treatments, see the website for details